05/04/23 Jubilee bands are once again available! Below is a photo of what the Jubilee band looks like so you will know.

The Oyster style is available with polished center links or brushed steel center links. Example photos are shown below.

Below is an example photo only, of what the polished center links look like on the Oyster band:

Below is photo of what the brushed steel center links looks like on the Oyster band:


Below are what the link screws look like. Note this band is an Oyster style band and has brushed steel center links. The other option is to have polished center links for the Oyster band.

Link Screw Driver Tip Size

Important — Link Screws Secure

Be sure the check your link screws each month to make sure none of them are loose. If a link screw comes loose and falls out of the link, you’ll lose your watch to the ground!!

If you have a problem with screws coming loose, I recommend adding some Loctite to those screws that do come loose. Below is a picture of what I recommend: the Loctite Thread Locker 242 in the red tube. Put a drop on the screw thread and screw it back into the link. Let it set for 24 hours and you’ll be good to go. I don’t think it’s necessary to do this to all the link screws, only the ones that keeps coming loose.

FYI – I also tested the Amazon Commercial Medium Strength Thread Locker in the black tube (shown below). While it does work and I would use it, it doesn’t hold the screw as tightly as the Loctite 242 does in the red tube. But the Amazon version is less expensive than the Loctite 242.

Band Clasps

Currently I am sourcing two types of band clasps. Depending upon supplies and factory availability, slightly different clasps designs may be used in the future. But they will all provide for some kind of fine tuning for fit.

Below is a clasp on one of my Oyster bands. Notice that it has several female slots, which will allow a male pin to drop perfectly into place to hold or secure the band for a small adjustment.

In the next photo, below, I have taken the entire band on the right side and moved it over towards the left side, to expose the male pin.

And finally I’ve locked the male pin into the female slot to secure the band. This type of refined adjustment will allow you make small adjustments to the band fit when adding or removing a whole link would be too much.

Clasp Adjustment Video Style 2 of 2

Clasp Adjustment Video Style 1 of 2

The factory is sending me two different clasp types. The above type is pretty straight forward for making smaller bracelet adjustments. The other type works in a similar manner but I was asked to provide a video on how to adjust this other type. So below is that video.

Third Clasp Type

The factory started putting these new clasps on some of the bands they sent to me. See photo below.

If you have one of these types of clasps, do not attempt to adjust it yourself. It is extremely difficult to adjust. If you need a fine adjustment, take your watch to a watch shop and have them adjust it for you.

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