When Your Watch Arrives How to set the time. Remember you’ll  have to manually update the date window at the end of the months that don’t have 31 days in them. Other than that, the battery will keep the quartz movement running for about 2 years (no manual winding needed). Check your link screws periodically. With this link, scroll about half way down the page, to the LINKS section. There please read about checking the link screws each month to make sure they are tight (or use a loctite product and not have to worry about screws coming loose).

USPS 2 Day Delivery ‘Guarantee’

The USPS shipping times that are published on their website, are pre-Covid shipping times. Their ‘guaranteed’ 2 day delivery time may or may not reach you in 2 days.

Obviously I have no control over what happens to a package once it leaves my hands. If you pay 60.00 for 2 day delivery and it takes longer than 2 days to get your package, please don’t blame me.

If you’ve paid 60.00 and don’t get your package in 2 days, I will make a trip back to the post office and request a refund, less some USPS handling fees, and I will refund what I get, back to you. So you will get most of your 60.00 back and your package in maybe 3 days or 4 days.

Standard Shipping

The cost for standard shipping of a USPS Priority mailer box, with insurance coverage, is 20.00 and you pay for shipping. I can safely pack two watches (inside their own watch box) into one USPS Priority mailer box. This shipping method may get the package to you in 2, 3 or 4 days (depending on how far away you are from Los Angeles).

If you want the package with a guaranteed delivery date (like in 2 days instead of 3+), then add 40.00 to that: 60.00 total.

So my standard shipping policy is: the customer pays for shipping, either the standard 20.00 (with insurance) or 60.00 (with insurance) if you want a guaranteed 2 day delivery time.

10.00 Low Cost Shipping Option

If you don’t want a watch box I can ship your watch in a smaller USPS Priority mailer box.

I can only fit the watch itself into this smaller mailer box (I can get two in if necessary). The shipping cost for this smaller USPS Priority mail box, with insurance, is 10.00. Depending on how far away you are from Los Angeles, shipping times will take from 3 to 5 days. If you want your watch sooner than that, then this is not the shipping option for you.

Overseas Shipping

For shipping outside of the US, I have to add that to the cost of the watch as well. At this time the only affordable method to ship overseas (that I am aware of) is via USPS and they charge $90.00. However, due to Covid 19, there are many countries that USPS is not currently shipping to. Please check the USPS website to see if your country is Covid 19 black listed at this time.

The other shippers (FedEx, UPS and DHL) are shipping to many countries outside of the US, but their shipping fees are insane. Well over 100.00 and up to 237.00. If you know of a lower cost international shipper please let me know.

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