The Red/Blue “Pepsi” bezel color is my standard bezel color.

However, I can offer the following other bezel color options:

  • Black/Blue (like the GMT “Batman” bezel)
  • All Black
  • All Blue

You typically will want to choose the 24 hour hand color to go along with your bezel color:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green

Above: The classic ‘Pepsi’ bezel.

Above: The ‘Batman’ bezel.

Above: All Black.

Above: All Blue.

Custom Bezel Colors (10 watch min order)

I can also provide a custom Bezel color for batch orders (10 watches min order). For example, to match the color of your company logo. You would need to provide me with the Pantone color of your logo (for example). The factory can then match that color to the Bezel. See the Prices page for the cost for this option.