Note: There are two parts: the Bezel and its Insert part. The Insert is the part that has color. It is inserted (hence the name) into the metal bezel ring. I use the term bezel to refer to the insert from habit over the years.

The Red/Blue “Pepsi” bezel color is my standard bezel color.

Here is what I offer for your insert colors:

  • Red/Blue (“Pepsi” insert)
  • Black/Blue (like the GMT “Batman” insert)
  • All Black
  • All Blue
  • Metal (shown below left. This is a new addition.)

Above center is what the no color Metal bezel looks like on a GMT case. This same GMT watch is also showing the new larger orange 24 hour hand. The standard size GMT 24 hour hand is also available in orange and is shown in the right photo.

Below are the four standard GMT bezel colors.

You typically will want to choose the 24 hour hand color to go along with your bezel color:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Black (now available)
  • Orange (available in std GMT size and enlarged size, see top photo)
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