I use the Ronda 515.24H quartz movement, with Swiss made parts. There is a non-Swiss made parts 515.24H, but I do not use that movement.

The Swiss made Ronda movement is a workhorse quartz movement and any watch shop can work on one if necessary. It has an excellent history and has been around for many years. The battery is very easy for any watch shop to replace when the time comes. The battery should last for about three years.

Below are photos of my custom quartz movement holder. This part is custom designed by me, is 3D printed and fits like a glove.

Below is the Ronda 515.24H quartz movement.

Screwing in the Crown

Use caution when screwing in the crown. Do not screw it in too tightly. Snug is good enough! The crown seals from inside the crown itself, not from screwing it in until it touches the case.

The photo below shows a crown screwed in correctly (snugly). Note that the crown does not need to touch the case and in fact it will not touch the case. This is because it seals on the case shaft threads, not on the case itself.


I have replaced the stock factory hands with custom made GMT hands:

I use custom made hands with taller shafts to obtain the correct hand clearance of the dial markers. There was a lot of design work to accommodate the quartz movement to fit within a 40mm case designed for a mechanical movement, but it was worth it in my opinion.

Below are the hands that I use in my GMT watches. They are designed after the ‘classic’ GMT hands. My hand specification includes using the best (expensive) of the five or six luminous coatings available. All in all, the hands are custom made for me and are expensive to have made. I source them from two different watch factories.

Seconds Hand Alignment

Aligning the seconds hand with the seconds tick marks of the dial of quartz watches is extremely difficult. In fact, if you Google this topic you’ll find articles that say, manually, it’s all but impossible. That only automated watch building machines can align the seconds hands perfectly every time.

I designed and built a tool that helps me to manually align the seconds hand as close as I can to the seconds tick marks on the dial.

Note that the tick marks on the dials are not perfectly spaced around the entire dial and this will visually affect the seconds hand not aligning closely in some parts of the dial with each tick mark. Generally speaking, I can get the seconds hand to align very closely with the seconds tick marks.

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