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My phone number is 310.995.3864 and I am in the Los Angeles timezone.

About Me

I’m a Vietnam veteran. I was a support mechanic for F-4 Phantom fighter jets. I did a 12 month tour of duty at Ubon Air Base in Thailand.

I have been collecting and building GMT watches for many years (20+ years) as a hobby, for myself. I have owned as many as 30+ (at one time) GMT style watches and Submariner style watches over the years. I have acquired all of the tools needed to build and customize watches. In fact, you could say I have too many tools!

My workbench is an old roll top desk. I like using this as a watch workbench because at the end of the day, I can close down the roll top and seal off my work…from my cats that live with me!!

Thank you for your interest in my custom GMT watches and please tell your pilot friends about this website.

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