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My phone number is 310.995.3864 and I am in the Los Angeles timezone.

About Me

I’m a Vietnam veteran. I was a mechanic for F-4 Phantom fighter jets. I did a 12 month tour of duty out of Ubon Air Base in Thailand.

I have been collecting and building GMT watches for many years (20+ years) as a hobby, for myself. I have owned as many as 30+ (at one time) GMT style watches and Submariner style watches over the years. I have acquired all of the tools needed to build and customize watches. In fact, you could say I have too many tools!

My workbench is an old roll top desk. I like using this as a watch workbench because at the end of the day, I can close down the roll top and seal off my work…from my cats that live with me!!

I was laid off from Flightsafety a year ago as a Citation ground school instructor and simulator SIC. I started to build myself some more GMT watches but this time, on a white dial, I printed the name of a business jet (Gulfstream). I showed it to an instructor at FSI and he said he wanted one as he just got his G550 type rating.

I posted a picture of his dial on LinkedIn and I immediately started to get inquires from pilots asking if I could build them a GMT watch with their jet name on the dial (Gulfstream, Boeing, etc.). So that’s how I got started building custom GMT watches for other pilots besides myself.

One surprising, unexpected thing that has been happening with these GMT pilot watches is that flight departments have been ordering batches of 10 to 20 watches. They want to give them out to their pilots as gifts.

I try to keep my prices down. I don’t make a huge profit on each watch I sell because I can’t afford to buy large inventory quantities to get the cost down for the parts. Whatever income I can generate from this business is appreciated since I am still out of work.

Thank you for your interest in my custom GMT watches and please tell your pilot friends about this website.

Prototype No. 1

I thought I would post the photo below and reflect on the long journey it has been getting to this point: I am finally starting to build and deliver watches. This GMT watch was my first prototype that I built not that long ago. It has all the parts except for one missing piece. Most of you aviation professionals who are into watches will spot what is missing fairly quickly. But everything else is there. The light is hitting the number 8 on the bezel such that it looks like a scratch, but the bezel is perfect, it’s just the light reflection.

It gave me the opportunity to put all of the parts together that were previously only in my head, to see how the finished product would actually look. I’ve always thought the GMT was a beautiful looking watch. This one will sit somewhere in my little work shop, to remind me everyday why I build watches and the long journey it has been to get production up and running.

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