Blank Dials:


Dials with Text/Image in top and/or bottom half:


Case Back Engraving

Available upon request.

Watch Case

Available upon request.

How To Pay: PayPal, Zelle or Credit Card

I do not accept checks or money orders for payment.

PayPal. Please use You will see ‘Primemail, Inc.’ which is my company name.

Zelle. Please use to pay via Zelle.

Credit Card/Debit Card. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can still pay me using your credit card or debit card by clicking on the Buy Now button below.

There are four Buy Now screens that you will see:

  1. Primemail, Inc. Purchase Details. Fill in the amount and click Continue. If you are unsure of what the amount should be please contact me first. If you’re making your final payment you have to add the shipping cost to the watch price. Click the Shipping menu link at the top of this page to review the shipping costs. I will contact you when I’m ready to ship your watch and tell you what the final payment should be. I will deduct your deposit and add the shipping cost.
  2. On the second page click the button at the very bottom that says “Pay with Debit or Credit Card”.
  3. PayPal Guest Checkout is the third page. Fill in your credit card information, billing address, shipping address if different from billing, contact phone and email address and then click the Pay Now button.
  4. The fourth and last page will confirm your purchase. After reviewing this page click the “Return to Merchant” button to return to this web page.

$200.00 Deposit To Start Work

Please do NOT send me a 200.00 deposit until I request it.

I charge a deposit of $200.00 to start work on your watch. Starting work means ordering parts for your watch and starting what other work I can with parts that I may have on hand. This is usually dials so once I order your parts I start working on your dial.

The deposit will be deducted from your final payment when I have built your watch and it is ready to ship. Deposit payments can be made to my PayPal account:

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