This Production Status page will contain information that affects everyone waiting for their watches to be built and other general information as well.

40mm GMT Cases

10/13/21 Update — it looks like production of the ETA mechanical movements has finally slowed as some have predicted. I was just informed by my GMT case factory that they will not be manufacturing a new batch of GMT cases because of the questionable supply of ETA mechanical movements. While I don’t use an ETA mechanical movement, I do use their cases so now I have to try and find a new source to buy my GMT cases.

10/31/21 Update — I’ve found a new source for GMT watch cases.

Pad Printer Services

The pad printing service I use specializes in watch dials. They have a lot of experience doing this and the prices they charge me are relatively good. However, they have recently raised their prices. Since I pass this cost on to my customers, I’ve had to increase the cost of my watches that use graphics/images/text.

Shipping Delays

Please be aware that not only am I seeing shipping delays when I ship out a watch via USPS, I am also seeing shipping delays from my watch parts factory in China. Other factories outside of China seem to be OK with their shipping schedules. In general, this parts shipping delay means it will take a bit longer for me to get your watch built. Thank you for your understanding.

Jubilee Band Issues

The majority of pilots are asking for the Oyster band style bracelet when they order a watch. Some have asked for the Jubilee band style but I cannot offer the Jubilee bracelet at this time. The reason for this is poor quality of the links and a poor fit to the case. I have ordered Jubilee bands from three different factories only to find the quality to be sub-standard. Therefore, until the factories can up their game, I can’t offer the Jubilee band.

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